Sunday 1rst of March

After the sweet night we spent at the train station, we headed to a coffee bar for a warm chocolate at the train stationbar , while waiting for Jure’s C5. We entertained ourselves by playing chess, till he arrived with someone else, Maja, who first seemed a little bit shy, but afterwards we would discover that after some beers she was everything but shy ;-).

Our next stop was somewhere near a chu
rch where we picked up an English guy (Tom), that despite he hadn’t climbed Ben Nevis, he demonstrated being a great ski tour passionated.

After collecting him, we went somewhere not far from Ljubljana, and we met a couple of people more, Mitja and Vesna, although we weren’t much sure who they were at the beginning. One of them was suppose to be the doctor; but Furi said that the doctor was the one who stayed there and wouldn’t come with us at that moment, but would join us on Wednesday. However, I was convinced that the doctor was Vesna, the girl who had just got in the car a while ago. Furi and me were talking about our dilemma saying: “come on, we can’t be that lucky and have such a doctor….” until our patience run out and Furi asked her if she would be our real doctor. The answer was an affirmation from her, and both of us started to feel pain around our bodies!juju…

And so was it, the twenty minute trip between Ljubljana and the meeting point that Maja told us at the beginning, became kind of a long trip of around 1,5 hours, and after passing by the Bled lake, with its wonderful island in the middle, and afterwards the Bohinj lake, we could finally said that we had reached our destination.

Once we arrived there, we realized two things; first of all, that next week would be everything but a YOUTH camp and, that despite the age average of the participants was probably over 30, almost half of them were not men!

We put our luggage (including our skis!!) into the lift and we started walking from the Slap Savica waterfall till Dom na Komni (a 3 hour snow-walk) where we would pick our stuff up and bring it to our hut: Koca pod Bogatinom, where Vinko was waiting for us with a delicious meal as he would carry on doing every single day we spent in the hut.

I must say that most of us were astonished with the snow load we found in Triglav National Park (about 3,5 meters high!!).

Koca pod Bogatinom is a group of huts (or at least what I’ve guessed, because we could only see the roofs) each of them equipped with kitchen, warm living room, some rooms of 4 beds and one final upper floor with around 20 beds, as how it looked like our lovely wooden hut.
After having a great lunch and our bags unpacked, we spent some time outside observing the landscape that was surrounding us and waiting already for the dinner. During the supper, everyone presented himself/herself. Between us there were: 4 Scandinavian people, 3 from Rumania, other 3 from Montenegro, 1 from England, 2 Catalans (us!!) and about 15 from the same Slovenia. After the presentations, it was time to explain the “secret friend” game, which would last until last Friday. That night, as good sportive and healthy people we were, we went to bed quite early. Monday