Monday 2nd of March

On Monday morning breakfast was ready at 7.00am and we left one hour later on our first trip up on Kal peak, 2001 meters and Srednji Vrh, 1872 meters high. On our way to the first peak, we pass next to a freezing pocked in which a record of almost -50 degrees was recorded last year. Although the weather was not really good and most of the trip went by between clouds and fog, from time to time we were delighted with sunny moments on which we were able to see mountains everywhere.

Very soon after leaving the hut we were faced with one of the biggest differences in the way how Slovenians and Romanians and catalans go ski touring: Slovenians are using ski crampons more frequently than we do, even on short climbs where we would not even think about them. That was because of the extreme precautions the guides were taking during the whole week. Once we had passed the freezing pocked and after taking a short break at Poljanica we mounted our ski crampons again and climbed about 400 meters up to the top of Kal, the skied down almost the same way.

Back at Poljanica we had lunch, and then climbed up on Srednji Vrh where the fog started to go away and let us see some of Komna. The descent was stranger than I could have ever imagined: there were no long continuous slopes ever, but a succession of small hills having the descent side slightly longer than the ascent side. This meant 20 meters of skiing and then 5 meters of climbing back on the next hill, then ski again - I did not count but I bet there were about 10 - 15 hills in the 300 meter descent. The quality of the snow these two first days was a bit crusty in the upper levels becoming to slush snow as we were going down.

In the afternoon, with Tom and Catia, we did our flushing toilet trip to Dom na Komni and after the dinner, we went to bed. Tuesday